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Bahamas Commission

This was a commissioned project for George Terbovich Design, a Kansas City interior design company.

Public Workshop Project: Mediterranean

Shane Lutzk and Sandro Lorenzini, Mediterranean, 2019
Sculpture: semi-refractory clay, engobes; h. 180 cm. 24 cones: red semi-refractory terracotta clay, paperclay, gold; h. 36 cm, diameter 12 cm. Made in the Savona Ceramics Museum Laboratory.

Mediterranean was made as part of a public workshop project during July 2019. The US artist Shane Lutzk and the Savonese sculptor Sandro Lorenzini have different cultural backgrounds but are united by the same mode of expression, ceramics, and are linked by an established solid understanding.

The Mediterranean Sea is a meeting place for peoples and cultures, as well as the cradle of many civilizations and it is the theme which the artists set for themselves.

Lutzk made a large vase on the wheel inspired by classic columns, thereby bringing the weight of history to the fore.

Lorenzini's red clay clones topped with gold coral work embrace Lutzk’s work and are inspired by the fluidity and mutability of life. Lorenzini has used an experimental technique of paper clay in which cellulose fiber is added to clay. The sculptor asked children from a local summer camp to draw their impressions of the situations of child migrants. These drawings combined with water from the Ligurian Sea and clay were made into the coral shapes which top the cones.

The installation allows for an ongoing dialogue between the works, between the different ways of working clay, between differing and compatible visions of art.